About me

About me

Ben the Fridge

So who is the culprit behind these daft, musings about hookers and men with odd shaped balls?

Well I have grown up with rugby from a young age. My father played throughout his younger days (and he is unfortunately half Welsh….sorry) and my family always preferred Rugby to the round ball game. I started playing the game from the age of 11 at secondary school and haven’t really looked back since.
I’ve been fortunate enough to play for and represent a wide range of teams and to experience rugby in different parts of the UK from the West Country to up the North and back down to the South East.

I found that there are many differences in playing styles and how clubs operate dependant on their location but one common theme has always been the welcoming and friendly environments I’ve always encountered. And it’s this that makes me love rugby. I genuinely think there isn’t a sport that can compare to the ethics, core beliefs and values that make up union.

I get asked a lot by people I work with or “non-rugbyists” about why and what makes me think this but I can only really answer that you have to be part of it to understand it.

So here I am now with a space that I can share my thoughts, opinions and love for this unique sport and I hope that not only you enjoy reading them but also contribute with your own.

– Ben
– The Scrum Down